Back to civilization

Ha! With the new job, comes relocation. Out of the engineering pits of Pitäjänmäki into the civilized Ruoholahti I go, and whistle as I walk.

The fact that I will save an hour of commute every day is going to make wonders to my mental health.

Lunch, anyone?



> Lunch, anyone?

Tomorrow? Ping me with something before 11...

--Tommi V, 09-Jun-2008

> Lunch, anyone? Sure, lets go for Thursday, the heat wave is to break by then.

Does air travel to Delaware take longer than your old commute?


--Foster, 09-Jun-2008

> Lunch, anyone?

Well, ok. Ping me before 11, too. Almost any day.

--Pare, 09-Jun-2008

Gah, Tuesday I'll be elsewhere, but the rest of the week sounds good :-)

(Foster, I would assume so...)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jun-2008

New job? Weirdly, was in Ruoh today, for the first time in ages (back safely in London now)...

--ChrisH, 12-Jun-2008

Chris: yup. Dang, you should've pinged me!

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Jun-2008

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