Let's party like it's 1996

I'm sorry, but I gotta laugh. These smart fellows have created a competition to put web apps to mobile phones, and made the entire site out of a single image - including text and all! Wanna see how it looks on my phone? Yup, it's crap.

How could these people possibly be qualified to judge any mobile applications, when they think that making a web site out of a single large graphic is a good idea? You can't search it, you can't copy-n-paste cut-n-paste things from it, you can't resize it, you can't read it if you happen to be blind... To top it all off, the site would actually very easy to do even with regular HTML layout.

I'm sorry. This is just... so dumb, you know? The idea is great, but the awards are a bit crummy, and execution is not exactly instilling confidence, is it?. But then again, entering requires only an idea, so it might be worth your time to try it out.

(Yes, it's a Nokia-sponsored thing. Come on guys, you know better than that!)

(Thanks to Charlie for the tip.)

Update: The site has been updated to be a regular web site, as noted by Vesa in the comments! Excellent work, guys! Now, everyone go and make a mobile web business plan :-)


Thanks Janne for speaking out loud. But now I feel ashamed that I didn't have the courage to do more than mumble something behind the corporate firewalls...

--Tommi Vilkamo, 08-Nov-2006

You probably also noticed that the entry "form" is a word-file which you then need to email... Definitely from the previous millenia

--rahina, 08-Nov-2006

Rahina: yes, I did. But that does sort of make sense - if you want people to write in coherent sentences, a web form is probably not the best way to encourage it. Or wat do U thinck? ;-)

Tommi: I am writing as a private person here - your blog is under a Nokia brand. It's probably better that I annoy people than if you did it ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Nov-2006

I think they started by creating a makepowerpoint2web service for themselves... ;)

--Niko, 08-Nov-2006

But hey guys, the "site" is xhtml. And they even use CSS. :)

--Jere Majava, 09-Nov-2006

...which makes it even more strange, because apparently someone knows about the existence of such acronyms :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2006

Some nitpickers might say that you can't *cut* and paste from a traditional html-website either but luckily I'm not one.

--PA, 09-Nov-2006

Ah, what a stupid thinko. Fixed, thanks!

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2006

Thanks for your excellent criticism! Yes, the web site were very very bad. My mistake, I did not checked it earlier. Good learning. Now we created a new page from the scratch and you can read it better with mobile browsers, also it can be searched etc. Still some fixes to be done.

--Vesa Luiro, 10-Nov-2006

Wa-hey! Good that it was fixed before it gained any further attention :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Nov-2006

but the kicker is i know who whipped up the new version.


ask me next time i see you. it'll floor you.

--charlie, 26-Nov-2006

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