Japanese Ice Cream

OK, here's one of the reasons I love Japan: The way they have no inhibitions about what might go together with something else. How about Spinach Ice Cream? Or Seaweed Ice Cream? Or how about the Raw Horse Meat Ice Cream ("with chunks!")?

The Wackier World of Japanese Ice Cream

(Via Boing Boing. Of course, it's incredibly lame to refer to Boing Boing, because everybody reads it already, but... well. I just find this one interesting. :-)


I once ate vanilla ice cream with two sausages right here in Joensuu - just to see if the waitress would bring me what I ordered. and she did. surely you must know the garlic ice cream which is served in Oulu during Valkosipuliyö..?

--Marjut, 08-Jul-2004

Actually, no, but I know you can get garlic ice cream in Restaurant Kynsilaukka. It's pretty interesting :)

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Jul-2004

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