JSPWiki 2.3.50 alpha released to the public

I've been banging code like a madman to get this thing done by last Sunday. Well, the Finnish Independence Day gave me just enough time to wrap everything up, and post the following onto the JSPWiki blog:

Yes! The day has arrived! Thousands of virgins didn't sacrifice their lives in vain - the first public release of the next major version of JSPWiki is now available!

Unfortunately, our documentation (still) sucks, so here are the top highlights as to what is new:

  • Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Jaquith, we now have JAAS compatible authentication & authorization system, with pluggable user databases (we ship with XML and JDBC databases) and per-page authentication. Yes, this is what you have been waiting for!
  • A completely overhauled, CSS-based default template, with loads of Javascript goodies from Dirk Fredericx.
  • A new, modularized rendering engine, which is about 10x faster than the previous one
  • Editors are now plugins, so you can switch editors on the fly (well, the plumbing is there, the UI to switch the UI is missing)
  • Loads and loads of small tinkering; new tags, speedups (try the page info on jspwiki.org), etc.

(Of course, we already have our first bug fix release out, too... Within two hours someone already found a bug. Download the nightly (2.3.51) for it. It's not fatal...)


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