Prague and podcasting

I'm in Prague with Outi. This is a beautiful city, well worth visiting. We're currently sitting in a small internet cafe in the New City (called thus only because it was built in the 15th century - the other part was older).

You kinda know that you can get cheap flights here when you see a bunch of young British blokes walking by, all wearing a blue t-shirt with the text "XXX's stag tour 2005". One of them is wearing reindeer horns.

The local touts are pretty good at guessing the nationality of people. They shout "halpa olut" ("cheap beer") at me all the time. Even when they have not heard me and Outi talking.

(Ai niin, ja suomalaisille: pikaisena virityksenä laitoin pystyyn oman äänitallenneradion, eli podcastin, eli mikä se sitten onkin. Testilähetys löytyypi täältä. Pahoittelemme ulkomuotoa, kyllä se siitä kunhan tästä pääsee takaisin Suomeen.)


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