Partly Hairless

Strange. I must've accidentally partly shaved my legs. Or I have started balding from the bottom up. Or something really sneaky is afoot.

But the outer sides of my legs are now smooth as soap, and I have no idea how it happened. That... that would be scary if it wasn't so darned interesting.


Well, I'm not sure that this isn't some sort of gravity enhanced Finnish hair desease, but in my case I've had all the hair removed from long periods of wearing blue jeans or hip waders (my Alaskan background is showing).

...Just a thought...

--ScottHurlbert, 08-Jul-2003

Yes, legs do bald. I remember you can lose your hair on basically any part of your body, but head and legs are far most common.

--DingDong, 08-Jul-2003

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