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Well, well, well... The Finnish blog world just got a tad more interesting: A Finnish VC company just bought, the master list of Finnish blogs (which also functions as a simple web-based aggregator as well). Congrats to all involved! I hope this means that their RSS parser would finally start working properly, instead of just doing really dumb byte comparisons. ;-)

However, what I find to be far more interesting is that Typepad (from Six Apart, the worlds largest blogging company) is reaching its tendrils into Finland now: first with Typepad Finland and now with partnership to Through the latter they get much needed publicity and visibility in Finland - after all, most Finnish bloggers seem to use Blogger these days. Typepad will have to compete against, though. Having tried both, I have to say that I prefer Vuodatus for their ease of use while still doing everything that's necessary.

I do find it interesting though that Typepad would partner with an aggregation service...


Well, Manta Ray is the group, including Alex Nieminen, who all got an award and cash last week and Alex certainly is chummy with, or at least knows, all the people involved with Typepad. So, it's not really all that surprising. Everything is up for sale these days and everything is about to become a giant marketing channel. Ads. Pretty soon, you won't even be able to take a dump without having the toilet paper printed with ads or the toilet play a jingle when you flush.

--, 07-Apr-2005

I call bullshit. Can I call bullshit?

Oh yeah, it's my own blog, so I can.

Many blogs (like are supporting themselves through ads. Ain't nothing wrong with that. It's the personal choice of the authors, and it's your personal choice to read them (or use ~AdBlock ;-).

And frankly, Samik getting paid for all his good work does not exactly mean that Evil Marketers Ownz Your Toilet Now. A bit of perspective, please.

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Apr-2005

Corporate whores, I say.

--Tiedemies, 07-Apr-2005

Thanks for this interesting info Janne!

--Phil, 07-Apr-2005 how much did they purchase it for?

--Phil, 07-Apr-2005

"An undisclosed amount."

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Apr-2005

I thought all these types of records were public information and what-not, could that information be looked up?

--Phil, 07-Apr-2005

Only if the company is a public one. And since samik is a private person, he's of course under no obligation to tell anyone (except the tax man).

Let me put it this way: if you sold a painting you did on your spare time, would you like to submit the price to a central, public registry?

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Apr-2005

Well I wouldn't like any asshole to go down to the tax office and request my salary information - but that's how it works for some strange reason in this country.

Your salary, your financial info, and how much you sell a company for should be no one else's business but your own.

--Phil, 08-Apr-2005

Did Pinseri get bought-out too? Cause their handy blog-list now redirects you to blogilista - I'm assuming they got a few $$ out of this deal too?

--Phil, 08-Apr-2005

Well, this was a nice entry, at least for me. It's always pleasant to hear positive things said about ;)

--Tuomas, admin, 08-Apr-2005

Phil: No, Pinseri is Pinseri; but it would be odd to compete with yourself, especially if you're trying to make money...

Tuomas: No worries :). But you could still learn a few lessons from Blogger, who, I think, is the most user-friendly blogging platform I've seen. With maybe the exception of Bloxsom...

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Apr-2005

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