Nothing much...

...has been happening. Had two parties today with good friends, fine wine and excellent whiskey. It was good to see everyone, and be connected again. Even for a little while.

Oh yeah, and the nightmare of every blogger happend: my parents found my blog.

Hi mom! *waves hand*


That does seem to be some kind of a horror scenario for a lot of people. I can't really relate; if nothing else, my mother's been reading my journal entries for, well, years. I gave her the URL myself. I figure that if she managed to live with me for, what, eighteen years, she can read anything I want to make public, same as anyone else. If she can't handle it, she has the option to stop reading. Hasn't happened this far, though she often e-mails or calls me over something I write.

I guess it helps that she doesn't try to run my life for me or have fits over everyday things that some mothers seem to have major problems with.

But then, maybe I have a somewhat different relationship with my mother than most people do. Or with other people in general, maybe. Feels like that at times, particularly tonight. I do alienation so well.

--Mikki, 07-Mar-2004

Dear Son,

As much as I appreciate your venture into the digital world, it leaves me ashamed that my own son finds so much time to write daily reports but fails to find the energy to send me, his own mother, a simple letter at least once a month.


Btw, I found 8 references to "sex" on your blog!

--Mom, 08-Mar-2004

Dear "Mom", I would like to point out that the last I checked, my mother does not live in Japan, nor does she have the annoyingly cheap, 54 Mbps broadband that you so conveniently have there, Mr. "".

So nyah.

Now let me die in peace.

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Mar-2004

I just couldn't resist, Janne ;)

--ado, 08-Mar-2004

I kinda figured it was you :)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Mar-2004

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