Inexplicable happiness

Do I exist if I don't blog? I have been quiet for a couple of days, because there frankly has not been much to say. I'm using my final vacation days, and not really much of interest has happened - nothing that I would say out loud in public anyway :).

I did manage to see HelmiƤ ja Sikoja, a rather hilarious Finnish movie about a bunch of guys who owe someone a whole lot of money, and thus decide to make a singing star out of their 10-year little sister. I wasn't expecting much of it, but somehow the fresh performances of the cast, who obviously do have some comedic talent, made it a rather memorable experience. And the song the little girl sings is absolutely beautiful. Got a tear in my jaded eye :).

Though, I did have these flashbacks to some other movie, where also four handsome brothers land in some financial difficulties and use crime and deception to wiggle their way out of it... Oh well.

Grr. Work tomorrow. A catastrophy is waiting. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.


Ha, found a bug in your comments. It seems that it's possible to leave an empty entry ;)

But to my main point - yes, you do exist if you leave comments on other people's blogs :)

(sorry about the "ha" - but it's my job to find bugs so I can't help getting exited when it happens)

--Milla, 07-Jan-2004

Ha, removed the empty comment :). And yeah, it might be useful to check for empty comment fields. Thanks =).

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Jan-2003

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