The one thing you don't want is...

...a server several kilometres away crashing and burning at 3 am. So yeah, this day has mostly been used by ripping out the guts of an old machine and installing a new OS on a new computer. Well, used computer, donated by BaseN - thanks! On the other hand, it was good to work on something nice and concrete, and refresh my Linux skills again - on the other hand I could've really used the time better.

However, I have a LazyWeb request - I also got a second machine, with almost exact the same specifications. Now I'm pondering how I should distribute my services across these two computers. I am currently running

  • Apache 2, with several web sites and wikis (some of them could be distributed so that Apache is a front-end and just forwards requests, and some of them could possibly be moved to completely to their own servers. Eventually I will want to have fully clustered JSPWikis, but that's still a bit off.)
  • a CVS server
  • Mail server (all my mails and mailing lists are hosted on the same computer)
  • Backup server for my laptop and home computer
  • User home directories
  • DNS server

If any of my readers have any good suggestions how I should use this sudden doubling of computing power, I'd be glad to hear it!


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