Thing you don't want to see in the morning

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Very early in the morning, I walk out with the firm purpose of taking the garbage out. I walk in, turn on the lights by waving my arms frantically (the motion detector apparently works only if your body mass exceeds 120 kg - the local cats apparently can grow very big) and something is not quite right. I see shoes from the corner of my eye.

"Shoes?", I think to myself. "Shoes, dangling from the ceiling?"

I look left and yeah, a pair of mens' shoes is hanging a meter and a half off the ground. With pants and all.

My stomach curls up in panic.

Half a second later, my brain catches up and I laugh.

Definitely another one in the category of things you can do with your laundry but probably should not.


Awesome idea... but aw gawd I woud be scared shitless if I saw that dangling in my garage! I would use it on someone who deserved to be scared... hehe.

--rannva, 08-Aug-2004

Yeah, I love the house I live in. Practically everybody is around my age: we have our own in-house magazine, we have a christmas party, and all sorts of activities. It's not very common in Finland.

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Aug-2004

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