Internet celebrity (and the pointlessness thereof)

Heh. Stumbled upon Niilo Paasivirta's The most famous Finns page, which lists 221 Finns and counts how many hits they get on Google at regular intervals. The last update seems to be from about a month ago. Somewhat surprisingly, the most famous Finn according to Google is Darude, though Linus Torvalds is a good second, and Kimi Räikkönen a strong third. And then you get the bunch of people you would normally expect on the list - you know, the kind of people that deserve to be there for being famous.

I was floored when I saw my name on the list at place 145.

I got more hits than Esa Saarinen, Mikko Franck, or Jari Tervo. Or even Jari Sarasvuo... And apparently, my position's been going down, with the average rating being 117. Though that could be due to influx of some actually famous people.

Heck. What to do with this newfound fame? Should I try using the "don't you know who I am" -line to get into night clubs? (Not that I ever go.) Or maybe stand in the middle of Narinkkatori and scream: "I am famous, worship me?" Or try to get in Seiska for doing something inane?

Nah. I'll diminish, go to work, and remain just Janne. And looks like I'm late already.

Update: Noticed that my online nick-name ecyrd is even more popular: 65,400 hits, which earns a place on the list at number 113. No wonder some people call me that IRL as well, even though I prefer my real name in real life.


Oooh! Now you're my claim to fame, too! "Don't you know who my husb.. um, fiancé is?"

--Outi, 05-Jun-2007

The finishing reference in the end was marvellous. :)

--Suviko, 05-Jun-2007

I was sorta counting on my readers being educated enough to get it :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 05-Jun-2007

LOL :)

Imagining Janne speaking with a demigodic voice and cheesy visual effects gives a whole new perspective to the second-to-last paragraph.

--Jukka, 05-Jun-2007

Mmm.... cheesy.

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Jun-2007

Damnation! I used to be much higher on the list, but my Google rating seems to have plummeted recently! From roughly 12000 to less than a thou. What's happening? :(

--Mike, 08-Jun-2007

Good going I enjoy reading your blog so I imagine others would as well. I like your new comment section nice layout

--Butch, 08-Jun-2007

Mike: It's dem aliens...

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Jun-2007

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