Scrobbling FTW!

Even though I use Spotify a lot, still is my favourite music service. Whenever I just need music to listen to, is way better in figuring out what I like, and is much better at discovering new music (or old music from artists I didn't know). And lately, it's become better and better at it.

Took me a while, but I just realized what's going on: Since I've enabled scrobbling on Spotify, every single song I play goes to the database. And since I use Spotify only when I want to listen to a certain band or song, has been collecting a fairly accurate representation of my music taste.

So the more I use Spotify; the more accurate becomes. This is a wonderful business model - the more you use a competing service, the better your own service becomes! And, the end result is more value for everyone, since Spotify is now even more useful to me as an interface to!


Comments is my favourite for the same reasons, although I would say they are complimentary services, not competing. is primarily about Scrobbling tracks, from a wide variety sources, such as iPod, Winamp or VLC, which then enables it to (re)discover music. Their streaming radio station facility is secondary to it's Scrobbling.

--Faz, 04-Oct-2009

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