The demonstration is over, "at least 300 people" were present according to the police (I'd estimate it slightly higher, maybe 400), and we heard speeches. I wasn't particularly impressed though, but now I at least understand why some people are MPs... They are excellent speakers (esp. Soini and Kankaanniemi), and are able to take the crowd with their presentation alone, even if their normal politic views would be completely against the beliefs of the listeners. But in war, the enemy of your enemy is your friend...

Digitoday is blogging the discussion on the law in real time from the Parliament house. RSS is available.

Edit: I created a Flickr photoset of my pics from the event. They're pretty crappy, though.


Janne, didn't see you down there, but like you said, I think there was about 300-400 people.

Who was the third? politician to speak? She got alot of boos and insults. She ended off her speech with something, "send your questions to my e-mail" or something.

--Phil, 04-Oct-2005

I think you are talking about S├Ąde Tahvanainen. She's the one that waved those papers and said that they had been working hard on the law. She got boos because she clearly demonstrated that she did not understand the technical issues involved at all.

I think I saw you once, but there were quite a few people between us.

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Oct-2005

Damn - I didn't see either of you there :) Although I was running around like crazy with my camera, that might explain it.

--Antti, 04-Oct-2005

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