Yes! It's! Wiki! Mania! With! Exclamation! Marks!

I'm sitting in the open-air garden, working feverishly on my presentation. Jimmy Wales is right in front of me, doing endless interviews. There are at least three TV film crews here, and my face (and my Powerbook and my hat) are probably now filler in some late-night German news show, with the dubbed voice of Jimmy droning in the background.

I just heard that the presentations will be audiocast and recorded - probably even videotaped.

Panic mounts.

Update: I was just interviewed by a German newspaper. I had no idea this Wiki thing interested the media so much.


Hi... I might seem stupid but what is wiki? :) just have to ask

--p.j.a., 04-Aug-2005

A wiki is a web site anyone can edit using their browser. One of the biggest wikis around is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.

Take a look at JSPWiki:OneMinuteWiki and for further information. Especially the latter should get you going in the Wiki world :)

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Aug-2005


You thought spending endless hours writing a great piece of software woudn't get you in trouble?

--baub, 04-Aug-2005

The press is always drawn towards people wearing cool hats :-)

--Foster, 04-Aug-2005

See! Some people think my hat is cool :-)

I've just been treated to a bunch of beers with a threat to take me to a Brazilian bar tomorrow to test just how much alcohol a Finn can really take.

I'm speechless. (and drunk)

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Aug-2005

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