Ganbatte, ne?

This small little article details in a very painful manner why it is difficult to be a Westerner in Japan. Many people have asked me: "If you do like Japan so much, why don't you move there?"

That's why.

The above story is not criticism. It's simply a statement of fact. It is difficult to know which battles to fight, and I completely agree with the author here. I've had too much gaman in my life as well. Some of it good, some of it bad. Most of it unnecessary.

(Via Heli.)


Thank you. Just made me think a bit further and brighter again.

--Kat, 04-Jun-2004

My pleasure. Always glad to help. Even if it was inadvertent :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Jun-2004

Yes, I read the short commentary - it's impressive that that author is so articulate, open and honest.

Then by chance, strangely enough, browsing around the web in a completely different direction - I came across this story which when read soon after the first story seems to confirm it to some degree. Weird.

Do wiki links work here?

--, 05-Jun-2004

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