Taking A Stand

I saw my colleague using one of these, and after a few days of humming and hawing I got one myself, and have been a happy camper since. This is an adjustable desk from Reoffice, which allows me to work both sitting and standing. This is simply awesome, since all my back aches (which weren't that bad yet, but would've probably become worse over time) seem to have gone altogether. I try to alternate between sitting and standing, but especially when I'm listening to music while coding standing seems so much better as I can move my feet. The end result though is a weird little dance you kinda have do when the hands can't leave the keyboard...

Of course, any back pains are now replaced with aching feet, but I think it's a good tradeoff :-)

(Image is Thinglinked, so just hover on it to get more info.)


Any idea when Thinglink might work with Google Reader?

--Burana, 06-May-2011

Not very quickly, GReader removes all Javascript.

--JanneJalkanen, 06-May-2011

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