Mac aesthetics

Ado picked the meme up as well. Interestingly, now when I look at the different pictures, it seems to me that those, who own Macs, tend to put them on the foreground or make them otherwise distinguishable, whereas those who own PCs tend to put them slightly in the background, and stress the environment instead of the computer.

Then again, your average Mac does look better than your average PC. But perhaps it is more of a pride issue - "look at me, I am a part of this small club of people. People who know better. We like things that look good, and we are not afraid to show them."

Interesting. Perhaps I'm just imagining things, but in my few months of being a Mac user, I've certainly felt the "Mac spirit" to touch and embrace myself. The feeling of being an underdog, but still "knowing" you are better than everyone else. The back-patting, the visits to Apple stores, listening on Steve Job's keynotes, the general feeling of belonging...

It's a weird thing when your computer stops being a computer, and becomes closer to a lifestyle.


It's called "successful image marketing" :)

But yes, if and when I buy a laptop it will probably be a Powerbook, for a variety of reasons.

--Orava, 04-Mar-2004

Turning computers into lifestyle choices -- as opposed to useful tools -- isn't terribly appealing to me. Frankly, buying an expensive computer for reasons of blatant self-deluded elitism is just dumb, not to mention fucking annoying. I hate it when operating systems turn into religions -- it stinks of lacking sense of proportion and good old-fashioned lives. In a bad way.

There's an important difference between being enthusiastic about something and adopting a tribal mentality, and all too often that line is being crossed voluntarily and with enough fervor to turn the nicest guy into the social equivalent of a jarful of smashed assholes.

That said, if I had the money, I'd certainly buy an iBook, because they're pretty damn cool machines. But if and when I do that, I hope that should I find myself starting to think of other Mac users as my brethren, I will have the good sense to slit my veins open with a rusty sardine can.

--Mikki, 04-Mar-2004

Ya, I was actually going on a longish rant about the differences and similarities between the rabid fanatic hordes of Amiga users, and the snotty, upper-class twat arrogance of the Mac users, but decided that I can probably spare my wrath on something more productive.

And common experiences (such as getting the lip in every turn: "No, we don't support Macs") tend to have a "brethrenizing" effect. Some are more resistant than others, though.

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Mar-2004

Well, in defense of the PCs out there, i've posted my blogging space too. Dammit, if not better looking, then atleast its more personal... its still a tin can tho.

--Jukka_a.k.a._Shrike, 04-Mar-2004

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