Next week, CES

I'll be attending CES in Las Vegas next week. I'll try to blog my impressions as much as I can, as it's my first time in such a big trade show. I have been to SigGRAPH, but that's mostly a scientific event, and the trade show is an add-on. If any of my readers people are around, drop me a note and let's have a beer at some point :)

In other news, I've just spent grueling four hours fighting with my phone - flashing and reflashing and reinstalling everything. In the process I even noticed that my Kingston SD card refused to accept any files larger than 256 kB, which, of course, made installing practically anything fail. And, of course, Windows refuses to co-operate as well, insisting on reinstalling drivers every single time I connect my phone. Sometimes I wonder if I should just move to some warm country where computers are just things that happen to other people.


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