Check your firewall settings

I don't know what changed, but my iTunes now finds - depending on the time of the day - five to eight other iTunes in my network neighbourhood. I can see music from a bunch of complete strangers, listen to it - and interestingly, I can also see folders like "XXX's ~LimeWire Tunes": a clear indication (though no proof) that someone is downloading music illegally. I'm currently listening someone's Tori Amos MP3s, and they probably have no clue whatsoever that I am doing it.

Apple's Bonjour technology is quite efficient: I can see a bunch of network shares, iTunes Shared Music folders and Airport access points. There's nobody in iChat though; or I would've asked where they are. I just hope every single one of them is well-protected. It's not fun if someone reconfigures your access point. A bug in the Bonjour stack might also cause quite some mighty havoc...

So folks, please check your firewall settings - prevent packets from the outside. Or at least turn on your personal computer firewall - with OSX it's in the Sharing preference pane. Remember, that unless you have a firewall between you and your ISP, every single other person in your entire area can see all the services you are running in your computer. Maybe even the entire world. And they don't need to be hackers - they need to just start iTunes or Airport Admin Utility.


Just for the interest, are you using Welho as ISP. Because I remember faintly something that it works in similar way as a great LAN network. When I had Welho, I could browse the network quite widely and saw some other computers in the network as well (were probably from the same building/block)

--Rahina, 03-Nov-2005

Yup, that's the one.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Nov-2005

10.4.3 fixed some issues with bonjour (the protocol iTunes and some other Apple-apps like iPhoto is using) and it just seems to work too fine. Something which Welho hasn't thought of.

--rahina, 04-Nov-2005

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