The thing that really strikes me strange... that in the copyright discussion, one side (e.g. EFFI, and all sorts of worried organizations) can tell you at length what is wrong with the copyright law as proposed, cite what has happened elsewhere in the world, tell horror stories, quote analyses of the law, and in general be very educated about it; whereas the organizations representing the artists usually just say "well, it's just better, and it must be accepted as soon as possible", but they never itemize the reasons exactly why it is better for the artists?

Could it be that all those reasons could be shot down analytically? Could it be that they don't dare to say that they don't really understand the law as proposed? Could it be that someone else is speaking on their behalf?


Are you going to be part of the protest on Tuesday?

--Foster, 03-Oct-2005

Study the media. In a debate, does the most logical, reasonable, well-researched and throughly-tested argument win? Bonus question: Why?

--Jaakko, 03-Oct-2005

I didn't mean that - I meant that why aren't the organizations representing the artists not even trying? The ones that are representing the media industry are, so why aren't the artist organizations?

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Oct-2005

And yes, I am going.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Oct-2005

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