Blyk, free mobile operator

To continue the previous discussion, today it was announced that a new mobile operator called Blyk will start their operations in Britain next year. Their business model is based on free phone calls and text messages, funded by advertising revenue.

Free-for-consumer may well be the end state of all digital services.

(A study says Google's ad revenue is going to surpass major TV channels soon.)


Yup, read that too. I'd imagine it will be incredibly popular, though getting ads on your phone all the time will be a pain.

--Dragon, 02-Nov-2006

I hope banks will pick up this business idea soon. Now one has to pay the bank for having an electronic account. Just put adds to the bank's web-system and pay the users for accessing it.

Seriously, having mandatory ads everywhere is going drive us nuts, even if not poor nut at that.

--AnonymousCoward, 03-Nov-2006

Probably what is going to happen is that if you want it free, you take the ads, and if you pay, you can have it without the ads. Much like telly these days.

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Nov-2006

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