Still mushy

One year ago I was having an Important Meeting. Things were said, Powerpoints presented, future was designed. But my mind was elsewhere. I secretly kept an IRC window open on my laptop. I'm sure the others noticed I was doing something, but didn't say anything - in case anyone of them is reading this, I'm sorry for my lack of attention...

In IRC, she she asked me, jokingly: "Why don't you come over here for the weekend?" I smiled (didn't laugh - the other people might've found it somewhat distracting). But the more we talked about it, the more serious the discussion became. And before I had really understood what I was doing, I had blown a bunch of mileage points, and got myself a plane ticket from Finnair Online. I had just enough time to just get home, grab a change of clothes (And a sleeping bag. I actually like sleeping in sleeping bags. I'm weird that way.), and head off to the airport. (So this is the reason why I didn't come to drinks with the rest of you hypothetical readers-from-the-same-meeting. I do believe I did get a better deal, though.)

The airport bus took me to Oulu University, and I jumped off. Nobody was in sight, so I sat on top of my backpack, and waited. The evening was beautiful, as the sun does not really sleep up north: it just dozes off for a while. She had been waiting for me, too.

I saw her approach from the end of the road. It took her a minute to walk to me - and it felt like an hour. My heart jumped up and down: "What if she doesn't like me?" "What if we have horrible time together?" "Can I be all the things she thinks I am?" All the usual shit that goes through your head when you go on a date - except that in this case the date had a serious nature already: I had flown 900 km and was in a strange city very late on a Friday evening at the beckoning of a woman I had known for less than five days.

She let me use the sauna to clean myself (I tend to smell bad after a long meeting. Sorry again, guys.) We talked. Of what, that I cannot remember. But I do remember her eyes, and how hauntingly beautiful they were that night.

Later that evening (or night to be exact), we went for a walk. Found a playground, played a bit on the swings (how stereotypical). Got attacked by mosquitoes by a tiny bridge that was supposed to be the place of our first kiss (it turned out that both of us had planned it), and returned back to the apartment, where we shared the first kiss, which got quite a few people guessing.

The rest of the summer and the fall was pretty much about traveling, but now we live together. And that is good and happy.

She passed by as I was writing this, and complained about her stomach being upset, in the kind of colorful language she sometimes uses. I laughed, as I was just reading this old blog entry of mine. She still arranges her characters in just the right way that touches my heart.

Her first SMS to me still rings true.

I'm doomed.


This is so sweet!!! I'm so glad you're happy - everyone deserves this in their lives.

--, 03-Jul-2005

Permission to be jealous?

--yep, 04-Jul-2005

Suloista! Onkohan Oulussa tässä suhteessa jotain erikoista, kun mäkin lähdin joskus viime vuosituhannen puolella sinne ihastumaan? Tosin me tultiin kyllä molemmat sinne junalla Suomen toiselta puolelta. Ja parin viikon päästä piti vielä lähteä yhdessä uudemman kerran käymään Oulussa - ihan noin muuten vain viettämään viikonloppua. :)

--T, 05-Jul-2005

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