Aussie iPod on the Farm

Hehe. This is pretty cool - an iPod advertisement that's visible from space?

It would be a bit more believable, if there weren't other, very similar looking constructs just around. Just scroll around in the Google Maps image.

But if it's real, it's pretty cool. And if it's not, with the diggs and links coming their way, they're bound to use it as an advert at some point anyway. The resemblance is just too uncanny. (Of course, this could be a HUGE April Fool's joke by some mapping company, too...)

By the way, the equivalent of RIAA in Australia seems to have come at grips with the reality. Stephen Peach, the chief executive of Australian Recording Industry Association says:

"Although illegal and causing significant harm to the industry, [illegal downloading] demonstrates preference," Peach says. "Consumers want choice and access to a vast repertoire. The industry must produce compelling alternatives.

Yup. That's what everyone outside of the recording industry (and probably the more enlightened ones inside it too) have been saying all along. Glad you finally got it. Funny that it's the Aussies though - it's still illegal to put music on your iPod over there, as far as I know, since there is no permission to do private copying in the Australian copyright law whatsoever. In fact, all VCRs are stricly speaking illegal too, as time-shifting is not allowed either. Of course, everybody ignores these laws for the common good.

(iPod link via Ɯberkuul.)

Update: The Google Earth April Fools Joke was to add some extra flying things to Area 51...

Update: This iPod thingy is also listed on the Wikipedia list of April Fool's Jokes for 2006...



--AnonymousCoward, 02-Apr-2006

Brio - lapsen ilo osata.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Apr-2006

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