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You know, I was worried that these ads would be cheesy, but they're actually pretty darned good. I haven't written about Lex Nokia too much, mostly because of my preoccupation with The Kid and because everyone else has already said pretty well what's wrong with it (and anonymous cowards can go ahead and claim it's really because Nokia is my employer, 'cos that's what anonymous cowards do).

Anyway, if the corporations (and schools, and kindergartens, and libraries) get more freedoms than the police to spy on their users, it's only logical that in the near future, the police will get similar rights. Probably using child pornography as a smokescreen, since it works well against everything. In fact, it should be a law: "Any civil liberty can be squashed using child pornography as an argument." (Just like Godwin's law says that any discussion is moot after someone mentions Hitler). And, not soon after that, also right to inspect the content of the packets is given, so that pesky people who send MP3s over email can be prosecuted as well. You see, I don't think it's enough to prosecute anyone based on the headers only - you will need to read the contents as well in order to get the evidence. Currently, you do need a court order. However, it would be a lot more convenient and cheaper to give the right to read the contents as well - after all, it's only a minor technical change after the right to read the headers is given...

It is a slippery slope, and when you consider these as separate, isolated laws and reasonings, each single step kinda makes sense. But as a whole, in the end, it means that every internet user in this country will be monitored "just in case" they do anything bad. And that's not a big step away from the good ol' communist countries. I know this sounds kinda alarmist, but it has happened before, and it will happen again. Just ask any Chinese dissident, or anyone old enough to remember DDR. The fun thing is that some people will welcome the change, because they think it's just a way to get rid of bad people, and they themselves are not bad.

Anyway, here are the videos, in which you seen politicians wipe their arse with the Finnish Constitution. Very much to the point.

(Hitler. Ha, said it first! You can't argue anymore!)


Sometimes I wonder your attitude against anonymoys writing. I know that there is plenty of crap flying in the fan when people don't use their names, but its almost stupid to use your own name on the matters that are um... touchy.

Videos are great. :)

--Janne, 02-Feb-2009

I try to encourage people to write under their own name (or a known pseudonym), and discourage anonymous writing. Those with a real need to be anonymous are free to do so, but they need to exhibit a lot better text than people writing under their own name. It's the old stick-n-carrot thing...

Kinda like on Slashdot - known pseudonyms get an automatical +1 on their comments... Anonymous people are not prevented from commenting, but the system automatically assigns them lower weight. Just like in real life - I just have to do it manually.

Thanks for asking anyway, I've been meaning to write about this a bit more.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Feb-2009

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