The FAQ is really only Q

The Finnish Ministry of Education has released a FAQ on the new copyright legislation.

It's the worst FAQ ever. It's full of legalese, has few examples, no discussion, is ambiguous, hardly answers any questions, and looks like a troglodyte cut-n-pasted sections directly from the law onto a web site.

There are answers there, but they're vague and difficult to understand, or apply to real life. These folks clearly have no idea what kind of questions are the frequently asked ones... (Hint: go to Ihan itse, the handicraft discussion board, and look around.)

Then again, I don't think they had a very clear idea about the law in the first place.


I agree. "But first of all, let us kill all lawyers" - W. Shakespeare (King Henry II)

Jukka Kemppinen (Lawyer)

--Kemppinen, 09-Jan-2006

Heh. A suicidal lawyer?

Seriously, it would be interesting to see what kind of ethical and moral discussions lawyers have over these matters. I know engineers should think about this stuff more; but I have no idea about the lawyers' position...

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Jan-2006


--AnonymousCoward, 28-Feb-2010

But first of all, let us kill all lawyers

--test2, 28-Feb-2010

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