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Here's a bit of something I stole off David Weinberger after hearing his presentation this morning:

The traditional media often claims that bloggers are self-absorbed, self-obsessed egomaniacs raving about themselves. Well, count all the outbound links - links that point to someone else than the blogger - on typical blogs such as mine, or say, Doc Searls, and compare that to the average number of outbound links on a typical news paper internet page, say Helsingin Sanomat - and then ask which one of them is self-absorbed.



I've been kicking myself for missing that. I really hope the video of the talk will be published on the Aula web site.

Btw, I noticed Sanomat has started to make their news articles more blog and are now linking more to external sources. I especially like their new policy of making every name of a person in the article a search query.

--Jere Majava, 03-Dec-2005

I give the mainstream newspapers (in Finland, U.S., and elsewhere) two years before they abandon blogs. The only reason why they're doing them now is so they remain "hip", don't seem so old-fashioned, and try to steal some of the thunder away from the REAL bloggers and blogosphere.

--Phil, 04-Dec-2005

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