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Weblogs are odd: They start off as a monologue, but they end up being a dialogue, and some of the really, really good ones become broadcast media.

I guess that's why they are not exactly diaries.


Does this mean that weblogs should have a comment facility, like this one? Is a weblog without a comment facility a weblog at all?

I'm not so sure weblogs are a dialogue, if you can't comment them. Or does that make them just diaries? And what's the difference?

--Pare, 02-Dec-2003

I was more or less referring three kinds of interaction:

  1. Comments (but not all have them as you point out)
  2. Interblog discourse (like people commenting on others on their own blogs - this tends to happen a lot within certain circles). Just simple linking is often a form of statement.
  3. Real-world discussions (including email, irc, etc). I've found that writing a blog sometimes solicits highly interesting opinions from people.

Feedback is what keeps most blogs alive.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Dec-2003

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