Thursday, 21-Dec-23 10:39
Random musing of the day

So I tricked my brain by reserving an appointment for today at 9:10, because I know that stupid little pile of noodles will round it down to 9:00, and I won't be late. Even if the road conditions were bad, like they turned out to be.

So does this make me very smart or very stupid? 😜

Friday, 01-Dec-23 10:05
"But teh AI is said I am a hockey player!!11!"

What slightly bothers me about a lot of the AI coverage is the discrepancy between the hype and reality. Some folks are screaming AI apocalypse, and some folks go and "I tried ChatGPT and it gave me shit answers."

Just a few years ago, we had an equivalent situation with EVs. Some folks were saying that Tesla will build all cars in the future, and others just saw a big bunch of panel gaps and range issues. That they would never replace diesel. And you couldn't charge them everywhere.

Yet almost overnight, EVs and chargers are suddenly everywhere (in richer countries). Tesla is big, yes, but not everything [in Europe & China; US is weird]. It just took the understanding on how to make them cheaper and faster to build, and then building the factories and supply chains. Fundamentally they are better vehicles, but the first implementations were buggy as hell. They are not perfect, but they have become _good enough_.

There's a ton of panel gaps and quality issues in current generative AI tools as well. But consider the speed at which they are improving - ChatGPT is nary a year old - and we don't yet know if they are hitting any sorts of limits. It again becomes a question on how to make them cheaper and better so that they can become ubiquitous. We're still pretty much at the "throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks" -phase of AI; figuring out where and how it could and should be used.

Neither do we know what the real dangers of AI are. EVs didn't become a public menace because they are so quiet either, even though that was a big argument against them a few years back. We solved it by making all EVs make a mandatory noise.

So don't take the current AIs as representative of the future. Neither take the hyperbole. Reality, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

(Unless someone gives them weapons and makes them eat organic material and self-replicate. Then we might have some Horizon Zero Dawn -level problems.)

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