Sunday, 15-Jan-23 22:51

Happy New Year! Today I went to take part of the FLTP test, which is probably the largest electric vehicle consumption test event in the world right now. There were maybe about 70 cars of all makes and models, and pretty much the worst possible weather for an EV - high winds, sleet pouring from the sky, collecting on the road, and +2°C. We drove three rounds each, one highway, one regular road, and one city drive, measured the consumptions and submitted them.

But what I found very delightful was a small moment when I turned around and started driving back to the starting position - I saw an endless stream of electric vehicles on the road. It felt like I had very briefly touched the future - hopefully not too distant one - where most of the cars on the road are electric and we're free of the fossil fuels. Today it lasted only ten minutes or so, but I think the transition in western countries is going to happen faster than people think. The thing is - it's not about replacing _all_ of the fossil cars, it's about driving _as many electric kilometers_ as possible. Since cars pollute little if they're not driven, we're in no hurry to replace the old cars that barely get any distance on them. We need to replace the new ones which are driven the hardest. And that happens fast.

(Took some photos but am too lazy to upload them at this hour. Check out my instagram instead.)

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